CALM (Mobility & Stretch)

CALM (Mobility & Stretch)

Move to Feel CALM - My signature mobility + stretch classes

Here is a mix of yoga, mobility and stretching routines to keep your body & mind feeling their best!

YIN YOGA: Our minds & bodies are connected. I believe a thorough workout program must include flexibility & mobility work which are both incorporated in my yoga classes. We move mindfully through various poses to turn inwards and notice not only how our physical bodies feel, but how we feel inside. Focus on the breath, and meeting your edge in these classes.

STRETCH & MOBILITY: Focus on recovery of the muscles and joins and well as flexibility and full range movement progressions to keep you body feeling it’s best.

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CALM (Mobility & Stretch)
  • 6 Minute Upper Body Stretch

    Release that upper body tension with this quickie!
    No equipment needed

  • 7 Days of Movement: Day 6- Move to Feel Calm 2.0

    Yin Yoga solves everything! Complete this class with music of choice or just in silence.
    Equipment: Optimal Blocks & Blanket

    Suggested Playlist:

  • 17 Minute Full Body Stretch

    Relaxing stretch from head toe- perfect for mornings, bedtime or anytime you need a release.
    No equipment needed

  • 18 Minute Quickie Stretch & Mobility

    Enjoy this class anytime you need to release some tension and give your joints some loving!

  • 10 Minute Relaxing Stretch

    Time to let it all go and breathe!
    I chose to leave this one music free so you can choose your vibe ;)
    I like this playlist to zen out:

  • 12 Minute Quickie Stretch for Splits

    Is flexibility a goal of yours?! Try these stretches daily. No equipment needed.

  • Day 4: 15 Minute Relaxing Holiday Stretch

    Grab your mat and let's stretch it out! The perfect gentle movement for the holiday season.

  • 20 Minute Healthy Hips- Part 1, Stretch!

    Welcome to the Healthy Hips Series. With so much sitting it's important we address our hips, one of the most important joints in the body. Grab you blocks and let's get to stretching it out.

  • 16 Minutes Healthy Hips- Part 2, Mobility

    Join me as we work on keeping our hip joints movin and groovin! Release tension, work internal and external rotation and wash away that tension.
    Blocks ar optional.

  • 15 Minute Healthy Hips- Part 3: Strength

    Equipment: Bench/Chair, Band & a Block
    Strengthen in and around the hip joint
    Combine with parts 1 and 2 weekly!

  • BACK2BARRE Day 16: Stretch

    This was soooo needed after all the movement through this challenge!
    It's often difficult to find time to stretch but it's so beneficial for out bodies- I hope you enjoy!

  • 30 Minute Good Morning Stretch

    What a way to wake up!
    Emphasis on hamstrings and hips <3
    Enjoy xx
    Equipment: Pillow, Blocks, Strap

  • 17 Minute Stretch to Ease Stress and Anxiety

    I wanted to share a stretch routine that I always come back to when i'm feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious. Often times, we need to remove ourselves from the situation and movement is the perfect way to ease the body and mind.
    No equipment needed
    Level: Beginner

  • Day 10: June Movement Challenge- Stretch & Mobility

    This sequence feels friggen good and much needed for day 10!
    No equipment needed
    Ed Sheeran playlist for all the vibes


    I don't know about you but this stretch is so needed today!
    Grab your mat, get cozy and enjoy a juicy stretch-you deserve it.
    Keep up the hard work.

  • 20 Minute Relaxing Yin Yoga

    Let's slow things down and just be. Try this one when you feel overwhelmed, or before bed!
    No equipment needed
    Level: Beginner

  • 16 Minute Upper Body Mobility

    Such an awesome tension release practice! Add this to your recovery routine on Sundays, or do anytime you are feeling stress in the upper bod.
    Enjoy! No equipment required.

  • 30 Minute Intro to Splits Workshop with Maddie

    Join @madizenyoga as we go through space creator moves that prepare you for the splits. Practice these moves regularly to improve flexibility!

  • 5 to Thrive Day 1: Head to Toe Stretch

    Join me on your Mat for a quick full body stretch!

  • 5 to Thrive Day 3: Upper Body Stretch

  • 5 to Thrive Day 5: Low Body Stretch

  • Day 12: Tis The Savasana- 25 Minute Yin Yoga

    Yin yoga to slow down, breathe and recover before our last 2 days!
    Equipment: optional blanket/pillows
    Level: Beginner

  • Day 6: Stretch

    Just 2 days left! It's time for some recovery. Slow things down with this lovely stretching routine. All you need is your mat and breath.
    Tag me @saraabucks and let me know if you liked the stretch. One day to go!!