GROUNDED x STRONG Challenge- January 2023

GROUNDED x STRONG Challenge- January 2023

Introducing a NEW challenge to kick off 2023 with a balanced routine to promote feel good movement!

3 Weeks of Feel Good Movement to feel present in your mind and body & gain strength. This challenge features a mix of 2 of my signature class styles Grounded & Strong.

When? January 16th- February 4th 2022
What's Included?
- 4 weekly guided workouts (Live & On Demand)
- Intention Setting Workshop
- Weekly Check In's with Coach Sara
- A supportive community & accountability tracking

Here's what you can expect each week:
-2x STRONG classes (Upper & Core + Legs & Glutes)
-2x GROUNDED classes (full body grounded barre & Core Flow)
-3x walks (aim to complete 8K steps in a day, 3x a week)

Recommended Schedule:
M: Legs & Glutes
T: Full Body Grounded
Th: Core Flow
Sat: LIVE Upper and Core 10:30am
* Each week rotate Monday & Saturday

As with every Move to Feel Challenge, we have some exciting prize giveaways. The more workouts you complete, the higher your chances of winning!
Pro tip: Move to Feel members get 20% off the challenge price.

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GROUNDED x STRONG Challenge- January 2023
  • Week 1: Legs & Glutes

    30 Minutes and spicy low body burn!
    Each week we will build our strength as we add on to this program
    Equipment: Booty Band & Challenging Weights
    Playlist is not played out loud so use the below link or a playlist of choice ( I have lots to choose from!)

  • Week 1: Grounded Mat Class- Taylor Swift

    Grounded, ooey- gooey feel good movement- the BEST,
    Level: Beginner
    Equipment: None, or optional ankle weights/bala

  • Week 1: Core Flow

    20 Minutes of werkin that whole core! Sooooo good y'all
    Equipment: n/a optional ankle weights
    Use my playlist or your own :) :

  • Week 1: Upper & Core ft. Michael

    What a treat to have Michael come on and workout with us!!
    Equipment: Heavy Weights

  • Week 2: Upper & Core

    Get those heavy weights out and let's ese what you got for week 2! :)
    Playlist: or play your own!
    Comment below with how this goes!

  • Week 2: Grounded Mat Class

    Mat Class with a full body burn
    no equipment needed but optional light weights
    Level: beginnr- Intermediate

  • Week 2: Core Flow

    Let's build on our core stability and strength from week 1!
    Equipment: Optional Ankle Weights

  • Week 2: Legs & Glutes

    Levelin' up this week! Maybe grab something a bit heavier, or maybe add on those extra reps- I believe in you!
    Equipment: Band and Heavy Weights

  • Week 3: Legs & Glutes

    The final leg day of this challenge! Time to challenge yourselves and your strength.
    Equipment: Band and Weights (challenging for you!)
    Playlist is included in this video
    Don't forget to comment with how you feel after!

  • Week 3: Move to Feel Grounded

    Equipment: Band Only
    Level: Beginner

  • Week 3: Core Flow

    Abs were on FIRE + full core work and a much needed stretch!
    Equipment: Optional Ankle Weights
    Comment below with how it goes!

  • Week 3: Upper & Core

    wowow arms shaking after this one!
    let me know in the comments how it goes for you- CHALLENGE COMPLETE, congratulations!!!
    Equipment: Challenging Weights