Let's Get Moving

Let's Get Moving

Not feeling like making a decision today? Here are my recommendations to take the searching away from you! Try one or combine a couple for a complete movement session. Enjoy!
Remember, Move to feel!

Let's Get Moving
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    19 items

    Newest releases for you to try today!

  • ENERGIZED (HIIT the Barre)

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    Move to Feel ENERGIZED - my signature HIIT the Barre classes

    HIIT THE BARRE: This is my classic barre x cardio class! In this full body class we will focus on muscular endurance with high reps, pulses for days, and intense cardio bursts. Prepare to SWEAT.

  • CONFIDENT (Barre Strength)

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    Move to Feel CONFIDENT - my signature Barre Strength style classes

    BARRE STRENGTH: A full body, muscular endurance barre class. High reps, light weights, low impact, yet high intensity. All strength no cardio, backed by and a strong beat, always.

  • STRONG (Strength)

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    Move to Feel STRONG - my signature Strength style classes

    STRENGTH: In this class we focus on full body strengthening using body weight and dumbbells. We focus on a small number of reps with multiple sets and timed movements to progress week over week and show ourselves what we are made of. Read...

  • FIERCE (Barre Cardio)

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    Move to Feel FIERCE - my signature Barre Cardio style classes

    Types of Classes:

    CORE X CARDIO: Work your core through this whole class while also working up an epic sweat with intense cardio and ab intervals.

    CARDIO PARTY/HIIT: A HIIT class with fun cardio based intervals with a barre (of cour...

  • CALM (Mobility & Stretch)

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    Move to Feel CALM - My signature mobility + stretch classes

    Here is a mix of yoga, mobility and stretching routines to keep your body & mind feeling their best!

    YIN YOGA: Our minds & bodies are connected. I believe a thorough workout program must include flexibility & mobility work which are bo...

  • GROUNDED (Barre on the Mat)

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    Move to Feel GROUNDED - my signature Barre + Pilates fusion mat classes

    Move to Feel Grounded: A barre style class all done on the mat. Think slow controlled movements with an intense full body burn, finishing with stretching sequences to feel good.

    Barre x Yoga: A class that combines my favour...

  • 7 Days of Core (November 2022 Mini Series)

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    Back in action y’all 🔥🔥

    I will now be dropping one new mini series every month! We’re starting with a bang this November with 7 DAYS OF CORE 👏🏼

    Starting November 14th let's move through 7 new on demand drops, all focused on core strength & stability!
    Comment on the videos are you go to be enter...

  • 7 Minute No Equipment Arms

    Body Weight Only Arms! (so challenging!!)

  • 12 Minute No Equipment Abs

    Quickie but oh so good!
    No equipment needed
    Play your own music - Spotify @sarabucksmovement for my playlists

  • 100 Rep Core Challenge!

    Can you complete all 10! x 10 reps?!
    Try this out for the ultimate core burn
    No equipment needed

  • 20 Minute Healthy Hips- Part 1, Stretch!

    Welcome to the Healthy Hips Series. With so much sitting it's important we address our hips, one of the most important joints in the body. Grab you blocks and let's get to stretching it out.
    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0lmUHiJnorKC1o5Xh46KyJ?si=29c4187f6d0e496c