7 Days of Movement Challenge (Sponsored by Byoga)

7 Days of Movement Challenge (Sponsored by Byoga)

Commit to these next 7 Days with me! Consider this your spring commitment to YOU and use it to set the tone for the season.

- 30 minutes a day
- 7 days in a row
- 6 feel good themes
- 7 daily BMat giveaways from BYoga

We've got THREE chances to move together LIVE
- 8am on Tuesday (April 19) : Move to Feel Grounded
- 8am on Friday (April 22nd): Move to Feel Strong
- 5:30pm on Monday (April 25): Move to Feel Fierce

Zoom Link for Live Classes found in your email.


For each day you participate, you will be entered into a daily draw for the BYoga giveaway. Here's what you need to do:

1. Move with me in the daily live or on-demand workouts scheduled between April 19th-25th. Live classes will be recorded and added to the library 30 minutes after class (schedule is below!)

2. Comment on the workout video to let me know you've completed the workout to be entered into a draw!

3. I'll do a draw for the winner the following day at NOON (win a BMat in the colour of your choice!)

4. Post on Instagram, tagging @movetofeel.studio and @byoganow for an additional entry into the giveaway

Let's do this thang!

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7 Days of Movement Challenge (Sponsored by Byoga)
  • 7 Days of Movement: Day 7- Move to Feel Fierce

    30 Min Cardio Party, no equipment, tons of sweat & endorphins!

  • 7 Days of Movement: Day 4- Move to Feel Strong

    Full Body
    Equipment: Challenging Weights & Band

  • 7 Days of Movement: Day 1- Move to Feel Grounded

    Starting off grounding ourselves with a class we don't even need to stand in- heck yess! (might be my new fav class!)
    Equipment: Light Weights

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0pkLujvLQy7VUwmfEHdH8v?si=db3bb02d42534868

  • 7 Days of Movement: Day 6- Move to Feel Calm 2.0

    Yin Yoga solves everything! Complete this class with music of choice or just in silence.
    Equipment: Optimal Blocks & Blanket

    Suggested Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3HDs5Pia4GzXSME4B0aH7U?si=00d7f278459f4a13

  • 7 Days of Movement: Day 5- Move to Feel Confident!

    Time to feel confident in & out with a 30 Minute barre strength class!
    Equipment: Barre, Light Weights, Band

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5CUN0umW5shxHXXX9meGBF?si=354a2b47fc504653

  • 7 Days of Movement: Day 3- Move to Feel Calm

    Let's slow things down & stretch it out. A balanced movement routine includes frequent stretch & moobility work. Grab a beverage aand let's feel clam & present.
    Equipment: Optional Blocks
    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2lTC4WssYhMvUyrqw9q4lp?si=f5a55041faee4e91

  • 7 Days of Movement: Day 2- Move to Feel Energized!

    Ready for an energy boost? This Express HIIT The Barre Class is the perfect combo of cardio & full body endurance.

    Equipment: Light Weights (you can add ankle weights for extra spice if you please)
    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2E3OmzFu62jz54cN0DnDmF?si=9070d6effe8a451e