June Movement Challenge 2023

June Movement Challenge 2023

This is the FOURTH year of the June Movement Challenge. It's always the most highly completed challenge my members and I can't wait for the spin i've put on this one. 

2 weeks- June 5-18th!

M: 5:30-6pm 30 Minute Lower Body Conditioning LIVE
W: 30 Minute Arms & Abs- New On Demand
F:  30 Minute Full Body Grounded Barre- New On Demand
Sat: 10:30-11:20am- 50 Minute Full Body Strength LIVE
+ Walking challenge of 8k steps a day

Also Included: Accountability tracker (see IG)

The goal: Build a sustainable routine with just 4x workouts a week, be consistency with low impact cardio (walking) and challenge your current workout routine with added conditioning and a longer strength session! I am so PUMPED!

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June Movement Challenge 2023