GROUNDED (Barre on the Mat)

GROUNDED (Barre on the Mat)

Move to Feel GROUNDED - my signature Barre + Pilates fusion mat classes

Move to Feel Grounded: A barre style class all done on the mat. Think slow controlled movements with an intense full body burn, finishing with stretching sequences to feel good.

Barre x Yoga: A class that combines my favourite aspects of each movement style. In this class, we will move slowly with the breath to allow a slow burn followed by deep stretching to bring us back to balance in our minds and body.

Mat Pilates Flow: Consider this your perfect Sunday workout. All low-impact and weight-free, this 45 min class will give you a perfect amount of burn, engaging your prime movers and your stabilizer muscles for a well rounded, full-body mat Pilates class. We will end class with a short yoga inspired flow to stretch and lengthen the body and allow you to chill out, the way Sunday morning is intended.

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GROUNDED (Barre on the Mat)
  • Barre x Yoga (LIVE-30)- January 20th 2021

    A slow burn & a good stretch- stay mindful my loves!
    No equipment needed
    Suitable for beginners

  • Barre x Yoga (LIVE-30)- March 19 2021

    Ed Sheeren & The Weeknd Playlist
    Slow Burn Style
    No Equipment
    Level: Intermediate